Direct Sales

Our sales ideal is to provide good products directly to the consumer, because we believe it is the only way to illustrate
and value them
 fully. At the same time just so we can understand their tastes and their needs, always trying to improve to meet the demands of those who come to us.


The small business space wants to be simply hospitable and welcoming.

direct sales and tasting 1 Le Pignole

Wine Tasting

Our goal is to sell what we produce, but to do this we want visitors to appreciate the wines they taste best.
This is why we propose our goodness rightly paired with the salami and cheeses (typical of the territory where our company operates) in order to enhance the features.

direct sales and tasting 2 Le Pignole

For tasting you can make reservation at one of following ways:

Our free App Cantina Le Pignole

0444 401788 Winery when we are open

345 421 1908 cell

346 2227060 whatsapp

With tasting we are available to show where and how we got the product we proposed.

direct sales and tasting 3 Le Pignole

We are ready to organize tasting with a visit to the winery and illustrate the production stages also to groups of people interested in knowing
the fascinating world of wine.

Discover the flavors and scents of a unique territory

A fruitful and sun-kissed land, always cultivated with devotion and passion

We inherited a centuries-old vineyard tradition, with the aim of finding new ways to give expression and renewed enchantment.
We are waiting for you at our premises to guide you on a path of perfumes, flavors and traditions.
An itinerary from the vineyard to tell the beauty of these places.


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