Environment and Territory

We work our vineyards in respect of nature and the consumer. In vineyards we only provide the nutrition necessary to produce quality grapes, through natural fertilizers from our farms, to the detriment of quantity.

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Our Winery

The Le Pignole brand saw its rise in 1978 and took shape in a  lovely winery of about 1000 square meters in 2007.
In its own small way it has everything needed to produce excellent wines in full autonomy.

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We own small but efficient destalker and press; all refrigerated stainless steel tanks can hold 1500 hectolitersof good wine. In the basement there is the barrique room (which houses barriques and tonneaux), the dryer room, both with excellent machines for controlling the temperature and humidity, and finally the warehouse for the wine already bottled.

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The bottles that meet our creations are dressed up with elegantly discreet labels presented with the semplicity of the black, gold, burgundy foil for the reds and blue for the whites; thus they represent the characteristic value of our family: discretion and simplicity.

Our Hills

Sweet hills with a soft profile and candied stone, the Berici Hills are characterized by an uncontaminated nature and come as a vast oasis rich in landscape and architectural resources.

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They are located right in the center of Veneto. It is a red heart, because these hills produce large red wines and there are many producers, both local and other wine-growing areas, who have chosen to grow their red berries here. An area that is best expressed through four varieties: Tai RedCabernetMerlotCarmenere.


Source: Veneto.eu

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Discover the flavors and scents of a unique territory

A fruitful and sun-kissed land, always cultivated with devotion and passion

We inherited a centuries-old vineyard tradition, with the aim of finding new ways to give expression and renewed enchantment.
We are waiting for you at our premises to guide you on a path of perfumes, flavors and traditions.
An itinerary from the vineyard to tell the beauty of these places.


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