Our Wines

The 3 hectares of vineyards produce the typical grapes Garganega and TAI ROSSO but also the international Carmenere and Cabernet grapes with which we produce prestigious wines.

The grapes harvested manually are pressed into the day and the must is left calm to ferment, adding only very small quantities of sulphites (lower than the legal limits) thus obtaining natural wines. By resting part of our precious bunches in the dryer room we are able to produce high quality wines and to satisfy the lovers of good drinking, let’s refine part of the production in the wood barrels.

Discover the flavors and scents of a unique territory

A fruitful and sun-kissed land, always cultivated with devotion and passion

We inherited a centuries-old vineyard tradition, with the aim of finding new ways to give expression and renewed enchantment.
We are waiting for you at our premises to guide you on a path of perfumes, flavors and traditions.
An itinerary from the vineyard to tell the beauty of these places.


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