Our History

Le Pignole: a love story,
devotion and a new project.

The cozy winery “Le Pignole” built on the Berici Hills sees in August 2017 a witness passage to our family: Claudio, Serena, Micaela and Thomas Vanzo.


Our history together begins in August 1994.
I’m Claudio, I was born in Castelvero of Vestenanova (VR), a small village in the Lessini Mountains, in a family strongly linked to the peasant world: my grandfather was a conveyor of agricultural products and my father was a farmer and a dairy cattle breeder. And I’ m Serena, I come from a family of Monza (MB) workers, but the city has always been a bit “tight” for me, since I was a child I have dreamed of a life in contact with nature.

When Cupid made us fall in love, not only the love that led to the birth of Micaela and Thomas blossomed between us, but also a love for the land and the agricultural world and so we decided to take the management of the family farm : breeding, pasture and fruit plants.
Since the beginning we had some vineyards that, cultivated with love and respect, gave us good grapes that, worked in the small home-made cellar under our house, offered a great wines.


Over the years has grown in us the desire to share with others our passion and in the month of August 2017 we decided to extend our company with the winery “Le Pignole” that immediately make us fall in love with its principles of simplicity and respect for nature that guides every choices.

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who we are 2 Le Pignole
who we are 3 Le Pignole

Discover the flavors and scents of a unique territory

A fruitful and sun-kissed land, always cultivated with devotion and passion

We inherited a centuries-old vineyard tradition, with the aim of finding new ways to give expression and renewed enchantment.
We are waiting for you at our premises to guide you on a path of perfumes, flavors and traditions.
An itinerary from the vineyard to tell the beauty of these places.


36040 BRENDOLA (VI) – VIA MEUCCI, 87 |  0444.401788 | 345.4211908 | info@lepignole.it

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